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Roma Termini Luggage Storage

Book Roma Termini luggage storage for just €4.30/bag per 24 hours

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Store your bags at Roma Termini luggage storage

Opening hours
Wed24 Jul24 hours
Thu25 Jul24 hours
Fri26 Jul24 hours
Sat27 Jul24 hours
Sun28 Jul24 hours
Mon29 Jul24 hours
Tue30 Jul24 hours
Price per 24 hours
4.8 out of 5
Bag protection
$10,000 Protection
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Rated 4.8/5 (NaN reviews)
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Frequently asked questions

  • What does Roma Termini Luggage Storage do?

    Roma Termini Luggage Storage is a luggage storage service that provides secure bag and luggage storage in a convenient location near Roma Termini

  • Where can I find Roma Termini Luggage Storage?

    You can find us at Via Magenta, 39, Rome, RM 00185, Italy.

  • How much does bag storage cost?

    We charge from €4.30/bag for the entire day. Our affordable luggage storage rate gives you 24 hours of baggage storage!

  • Can I book your left luggage service in advance?

    Of course! We’ll send you a confirmation email at the time of booking and look forward to meeting you on your chosen day. Please remember that at certain times of the year (for example during the weekends or national holidays) we’re likely to experience a larger volume of bookings. Booking in advance helps you to avoid missing out on Roma Termini Luggage Storage’s convenient left luggage facility.

  • Do I book Roma Termini Luggage Storage’s luggage facility online, or can I pay in store?

    You have to book online. Here at Roma Termini Luggage Storage we cannot accept cash or card payment at our luggage storage location.

  • What can I store with Roma Termini Luggage Storage?

    We’ll store everything from large suitcases to backpacks and handbags, from golf clubs to musical instruments. If you can carry it, then we’ll store it.

  • How long can I store my bags with Roma Termini Luggage Storage?

    As long as you like! Roma Termini Luggage Storage is proud to offer short term luggage storage as well as long term luggage storage. Just adjust the drop-off and pick-up days to fit your needs when you make your booking.

  • How can I book online with Roma Termini Luggage Storage?

    Booking luggage storage with us is super simple. All you need to do is choose your dates & times and make your payment. We’ll send you a confirmation email. We look forward to welcoming you at Roma Termini Luggage Storage Luggage Storage!

  • What if my plans change - can I pick up my luggage earlier or later in the day?

    Even the best laid plans can change, we know that! So long as you pick your bags up within our opening hours, you can pick your bag up at whatever time you like. Our flexible left luggage facility is the perfect way to explore Roma Termini for a few hours without having to worry about your bags.

  • Is Roma Termini Luggage Storage the same as a Luggage Locker?

    Roma Termini Luggage Storage is a luggage storage service that is much more convenient than a traditional luggage locker. Instead of cramming your items into a small locker that is located in a busy area our staff will keep an eye on your belongings in a private and secure area while you enjoy Roma Termini.

  • Does Roma Termini Luggage Storage offer any insurance protection?

    In the unlikely event of theft, loss, or damage, your things are covered up to $10,000 at Roma Termini Luggage Storage. All bookings must be made online for the protection plan to be included.